Condolences Online - Online services to offer memorial to those who have passed.

Expressions of sorrow with dignity and simplicity

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  About Us

Founders Maria E. and Louis S. Frontario conceived the entire notion of CondolencesOnline in 1999. It took five years to go from concept to concrete. It should be no surprise that the initial concept began with the founders need to express condolences to an associate who suddenly lost her husband. There was nothing comprehensive out there to serve this need.   Enter CondolencesOnline?The guiding premise behind our company is to fill the need not available anywhere else on the Internet or, for that matter, in any other venue.

We have all been touched by the death of someone, be it a loved one, friend, relative, distant relative, acquaintance, friend of a friend.  Often we freeze at the news and think what can be done to acknowledge this sad event. Time after time, we have seen offices take up collections to send food or flowers, or some other appropriate gesture. Individuals also face the same dilemma and usually time is of the essence.  No matter what you have in mind CondolencesOnline can expedite the process, making it simpler and easier, while maintaining the dignity, respect and feelings that are so important to convey.

We at CondolencesOnline are about life…we are upbeat?optimistic?reverent?well-adjusted human being and we take pride in serving you in your hour of need.

Please take some time to explore or site, send us your feedback, comments and questions, and please add us to your Bookmarks.

Thank you.


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