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Expressions of sorrow with dignity and simplicity

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Select from a wide array of beautiful and appropriate floral arrangements, floral pieces and boutiques.  more>>



One of the most universal ways to express sympathy. Help the bereaved through difficult times with a fine selection of foods and catered meals. Our fine selection will reflect eternally on your thoughtfulness and generosity.  more>>


Life Files

The ultimate condolence gift.  Provide the bereaved with the ability to create an interactive living memorial that remembers loved ones, friends and associates, connects everyone involved and, most importantly, celebrates life!  more>>


Establish a Memorial Scholarship

We can assist you with setting up a scholarship in the name of the deceased. As part of our service we will forward a proclamation to the bereaved, unless you instruct otherwise. To access our “Memorial Scholarship Information Request?form click here:   more>>


Donate to the Charity or Foundation of your choice in honor of the deceased

You can donated to the charity or foundation of your choice in honor a deceased loved one, friend or associate. This selfless gesture will be forever cherished by the bereaved.

As part of our service we will forward a proclamation to the bereaved, unless you instruct us otherwise. If your not sure were to donate, you can search our data base of 850,000 nonprofits registered with the IRS. You can also contact one of our associates for suggestions or guidance. Click here to access our “Memorial Donation Information Request?form:  more>>



Have a Roman Catholic Mass Said in honor of the deceased

One of the most thoughtful and appropriate gestures of condolences to those of the catholic faith.  As part of our service we will forward a proclamation to the bereaved, unless you instruct us otherwise. Click here to access our ?Catholic Mass Information Request?form: more>>


Send a Hymn

Click here to access our “Send a Hymn Information Request?form: more>>


Name a Star in honor of the deceased

A memorial star is a wonderful way to honor, remember and pay tribute to a loved one, friend or associate. This gesture will be a source of comfort and hope to the bereaved. It is truly unique and sure to be treasured.  more>>


Send a Sympathy Card

A sympathy card is always appropriate. You can select from a classic and tasteful array of cards. At your request, our services can provide  hand-written card (or cards) with your message. We can also assist with the composition of a message, if you prefer.  more>>


Plant a Tree to Honor the deceased

Tree plantings are one of the most meaningful ways to express your thoughts to families, friends or associates. The gesture of a young tree being planted for someone will last a lifetime. A memorial planting is a two-fold celebration. It is a remembrance of the past and at the same time a renewing of life.  more>>


Unique sympathy and condolence gifts

We are proud to offer a very appropriate, unique and comprehensive selection of gifts.  We know this gesture will speak volumes about your thoughtfulness, warmth and generosity.   more>>



Send a Sympathy Telegram of Condolences

When the need arises a condolence telegram can be the perfect way to express your  thoughts, feelings and concerns to the bereaved.  At your request, our services can provide assistance with the composition of a message.  more>>



Books can provide an excellent outlet to helping the bereaved deal with a loss. We are proud to provide a host of superb titles for this purpose. This gift will reflect your sensitivity, as well as providing something special to ones personal library. Something to be shared for a lifetime.  more>>


Thank You card services

Sometimes the bereaved can feel overwhelmed trying to acknowledge all of the expressions of condolences offered by family, friends and associates. We can help. We will provide hand-written acknowledgements based on your specific instructions.  more>>


Gifts and Services Appropriate to those of the Catholic Faith

We have a host of gifts and services that would be appreciated by those of catholic persuasion. Gifts include crosses, rosaries, medals, to name a few . Services include sending mass cards, prayer circles and the like.  more>>


Gifts and Services Appropriate to those of the Jewish Faith

We have a connection with the Jewish National Fund. They provide a wide array of  gifts and gestures. Services include donation opportunities specific to Israel, planting a tree in Israel and the like.  more>>


Condolence Surrogate Services

What do you do when it is impossible for you to attend funerals, wakes, memorial services, make Shiva calls, and the like? …send us. We are happy to represent individuals, families, corporations, governments at such events. For more information and specific details click here: more>>

Interested in being considered as a condolence surrogate?  Click here.


Special Requests

If we have not covered what you are looking for in the above categories, contact us with special requests. We will do our utmost to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. 


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